Samsung Curve is a Windows Mobile 10 Concept Smartphone, Shaped a Bit Like a Teardrop (Video)

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We’ve seen our share of rectangular phones, some round handsets and obviously curved devices. Well, today the norms are off, as we glance at the Samsung Curve concept smartphone, that seems to adopt a sort of teardrop shape of sorts.

Samsung Curve concept smartphone 1

Created by designer Seyed Mehdi Sajjadi, this model also gets a video below and runs Windows 10 Mobile. It features a main camera without a flash though and it seems a bit too wide for my taste. The way the glass combines with the polycarbonate looks interesting in the edges area and the color choices here are very vivid: mauve, bright green and bright blue.

Samsung Curve concept smartphone 2

Judging from the video Samsung Curve is a very slim phone and also an edge to edge one, but while lacking a main flash, it feels more like an entry level unit with posh looks. It may end up as an eco-friendly product, that odd fashion phone, who knows?

Samsung Curve concept smartphone 3

Samsung Curve concept smartphone 4

[via Seyed Mehdi Sajjadi]

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