Samsung Flexible Tablet Turned From Patent to Concept

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The folks of have created a new flexible tablet concept with Samsung branding, basing their design on the recently leaked patent, shown at the end of the article. This patent proves that Samsung is preparing a flexible tablet with a brilliant edge to edge display.


This device supports Full HD resolution on a 10.1 inch diagonal and other specs include 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage and microSD card slot. The Samsung flexible tablet relies on a 1.6 GHz Exynos 5 Octa processor, an 8 core processor that’s found on some versions of the Galaxy S4. There’s a 3 megapixel front camera here and a 8000 mAh battery inside.

When the device is in flexible mode it will provide a built in kickstand for extra balance. The horizontal part of the touch display may serve as a keyboard, turning it into sort of a laptop. Interestingly enough, Mobileaks reports that they have a tipster confirming the existence of the tablet prototype. Aside from being pretty and original, is there any REAL use for this flexible tablet?