Samsung Flip Foldable Phone Features a Wrap Around Screen

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Nick Trumbo imagined a Samsung phone that’s based on new OLED screen technologies and the result was the Samsung Flip concept, seen below. This one is a device that’s able to fold and bend and it comes with a wrap around screen, plus a very interesting interface, that looks more modern than any TouchWiz version so far.

The screen is wrapped around the bottom of the phone, where the notification area is placed, in order to get rid of clutter and keep the notification bar off the main screen. The Samsung Flip becomes an entirely different device when you flip it, depending on what your use for it is. Also, the UI changes depending on the phone positions, so for example there’s a special layout for videocalling, one for listening to music, playing back video or simply using the handset as a watch and photo frame.

You can also personalize the cover of the Samsung concept phone when it’s bended and as you can see this folding aspect allows you to keep the device attached to your belt or to a strap, as shown by the young ladies below. You can also keep recording video even if the phone is folded and it will actually keep it more steady for excellent video capture. Add a dual core 2GHz CPU to this device, Android 4.0, 16GB of memory and an 8MP camera like the one on the Galaxy Note and I’m sold!

[via Behance]

  • septhy

    like this

  • Sara

    Where can I buy it from? 😀

  • Amber

    very nice concept…i mean…brilliant…where to buy this????pls..pls..pls…

  • Kroneous

    What I find most interesting is something some people think is so great. But I think a thin light foldable screen accessory (like Gear Smartwatch)could give us a means to make ourselves more unique in our social World in public.

    Worn like a Star Trek Communicator badge w/ two screens. One on top edge, so we can simply glance down at it from top for notifications and using the old tap to the left side of the chest to speak on a phone or for voice commands.

    Naturally it’d have a camera by the front facing screen and like Google Glass snap pictures or video as we go through life. But…. most important would be the ability to broadcast art or messages….. like “Smile You’re On Candid Camera” or “Wow nice legs” or “Love your hair style” and “Care for a drink with me”!

    It could be shaped many different ways instead of only a rectangle that Apple seems to think they own anyway!!! :DDD …..flash your name and a smile to make the World a better place. Why…. should a phone always only enable communications with one another with people not even there.

    When it seems we’re all walking around dazed and confused. While crashing our cars, trying to text somebody in a totally different time and space? I say let’s use get back to being in the here and now!!! 😉 ….let’s all get back to using phones as complete communicators and them more personable with a flash of our own style.

    What I’m talking about is like when I go out dancing and night clubbing, I wear LED lit shirts. They’re for music and flash to sound. I have many design styles both small like a badge or full shirt design screen. I carry the module and battery to run it in an inside pocket of the shirt and people love it’s pulsing flash. Make phones that like that. That can be transferred to other shirts or girls clothing. Then the phone screen is as thin as a Samsung YOUM screen with a wire routed inside to that power module in your pocket.

    I’m talking make our phones truly Wearable and Interactive with those around us!!!

  • Alyn

    wow..where do i get this?

  • When is it coming to South Africa . Good concept .

  • Kevin L.

    This is a great Idea. I have been searching and hoping something like this will come out soon. I like to have my small sized phone back, so it can easily fit in my pocket. I don’t really need a fancy flexible screen that folds. Even a dual screen that connects and fold should do. Smart phones are getting way to big. My point is very simple… A PC is a Desktop computer, a Laptop is a Portable compact computer… tablet is smaller sized portable computer/gadget… and and Cell phone is a Cell phone.. Nothing more.. If we gonna make smart watches, then we don’t even need a Cellphone.. just Blutooth it to a laptop or tablet with sim card ready… Your smartphoe is already nearly as big as a tablet anyways…

  • Marsel

    from where i find this phone (Samsung Flip Foldable Phone Features a Wrap Around Screen ) “NIck Trumbo” i want to buy this phone. this phone is wow

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