Samsung Galaxy A32: What it Can do

Samsung is among the most popular brands and is mostly known for its flagship phones. That is, amazing and latest phone brand boasting the most recent features in the market. Samsung is very proactive when it comes to releasing new models every year, replacing the previous flagships.

Already, there is a broad range of Galaxy S series releases for 2021, and they are taking the smartphone world by storm.

One of the valuable releases of 2021 is the Samsung Galaxy A32, which was launched in February. For anyone looking to upgrade their gadget with this phone, they prioritize things when assessing the features, like the battery life. Generally, the performance and design of the phone has made it the darling of many users. Here are some Galaxy A32 tricks and features you will love.

1. Always sleeping apps

Not all phones will give you the opportunity to sleep apps that you don’t usually use. This is something you can easily do with this phone. Through this feature, you can let the apps you are not using or you use only occasionally stay sleeping.

This way, you will avoid having notifications causing annoyance by hogging the notification bar and distracting you from seeing the ones that you are interested in.

To activate this amazing feature, all you must do is go to Settings> Notifications> Tips> Put unused apps to sleep. You will also get suggestions on more apps to put to sleep.

2. Notifications management

We live in a busy and chaotic world, and we are likely to forget about important things that we are doing. The beauty of this phone is that it helps you organize your life by helping you manage your notifications.

Whether you want to get a tea break notification to play your favorite slot on Vegas casino online, or you need to read your emails, it can be worked out. The settings for this feature might not be so obvious, but they are easy to work around.

What you need to do is go to the App info page on your phone and long press on the app you are interested in. Go to notifications and activate the “Allow notifications” button. On this page, you can select the kind of notification you want to get and access many other options for managing your alerts. This feature will allow you to be on top of whichever tasks you are working on.

3. Hide app

While with many other Android smartphones you may have to download an app hider to hide some of your applications from the home screen, this phone comes with this feature. The hide app feature may be underrated, but it is something most smartphone users need.

Whether it is for privacy purposes or you want to decongest your home screen, this will come in handy. If hidden, they will not be seen on the App drawer or home screen. What if you need to use these apps at some point? It is very simple.

They can be accessed via the app search or universal search. How do you utilize this feature? Long press the home screen, then select the settings wheel. A new page with the “Hide apps” option will be prompted. Click on it and select the apps you want to hide.

4. Dark theme

Smartphone users love the dark theme, and they will go for gadgets that have these. Some will even go out of their way to download launchers and themes that offer the night or dark mode. One cool thing about Samsung Galaxy A32 is that you don’t have to go through the trouble. This feature is already available.

Whether you are looking to cut down your device’s energy consumption or use a theme that is soothing to your eyes, you can make it happen with a click. The amazing part is that the phone’s AMOLED blacks are beautiful.

You can change your theme to night or dark mode by going to Settings> Display> Dark. The option is just at the top of the screen. The feature also allows advanced dark mode settings whereby you can schedule when the dark mode should be turned on.

5. Navigation gestures

Galaxy A32 offers an immersive experience to users through features like navigation gestures.  This is by minimizing the system drawing over an app. Note that there is an imminent shift to gesture navigation, and the phone gives you an opportunity to be part of the change.

Majority of the people who have interacted with this feature do not want to go back to button navigation. That is particularly because it is faster, more intentional, and ergonomic.

This feature can be accessed by going to Settings> Display> Navigation bar> Swipe gestures. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the gestures from low to high.

6. Floating keyboard

How often do you multitask by holding your phone with one hand and carrying your shopping bag with the other? Many are the times that you operate your phone using one hand for some reason. It would therefore make sense to have the option of a floating keyboard on your phone.

The purpose is to help you easily reach all the keys when using one hand.

On your keyboard, press the three navigation buttons on the right side of your keyboard, and select “Modes,” then clock on the “Floating keyboard” option.


The list of tricks and features that the Galaxy A32 has is endless. There are tons of changes and upgrades in the UI and Samsung native apps on this phone.

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