Samsung Galaxy F Concept by Jermaine Smit is Slim and Brings Back the S II Look

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Jermaine Smit created a new Samsung Galaxy F series concept this week for the site and you can check out that device in a full gallery below. We’re dealing here with a brand new premium phone from Samsung, one made of metal this time.

Samsung Galaxy F concept 1

The handset is very thin, probably below 7 mm and its cases uses aluminum, although the designer did say it may also use other materials. The back side of the device features a camera, one probably capable of 4K video capture and right below is there’s the flash and most likely the heart rate monitor, kept from the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy F concept 4

The Galaxy F render features straight lines, a rectangular case, that brings us back to the days of the Galaxy Note 1 and Galaxy S II. This is not exactly a bad thing, since both those designs were very appreciated. The purple and golden Galaxy F stand out through their beautiful colors and if you look at the back of the phone you’ll see how smooth it is and how well and discretely the camera is integrated.

If the diagonal was big enough, this could even be a starting point for a Galaxy Note 4…

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