Samsung Galaxy Edge II is a 2020 Concept Phone With a Lot of Side Screen

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Comedy movies made the term “side boob” popular and now the term “side screen” is becoming mainstream, as we prepare for a new paradigm of mobile phones. YouTube channel AndroidLeo has come up with a concept Samsung phone, which they call Samsung Galaxy Edge II and there’s even a trailer for it below.

The current leaks and trends seem to point us towards a future with side screens. Either the main screen continues to the sides and creates a “Waterfall Display”, or we have separate side panels, showing notifications, shortcuts and whatnot. The volume buttons will also be replaced by a display which shows volume controls. This may well end up as the Galaxy S11 in future concepts.

It’s a rather larger and narrow device, also a bit more square and angular than usual. It lacks the rounded parts of the last years of Galaxy S models, but the Note 10 was also a bit angular, to be frank. This time the things get serious in the camera department, as the renders show a quad camera setup with a 48 megapixel main sensor, 16 MP telephoto lens and 12 MP RGB sensor, plus a 5 MP depth sensor.

The diagonal also goes all the way up to a 6.8 inch size and we get a Super AMOLED panel here. I’m not very sure if they’re also counting the side panels into the diagonal as well. Also, I can’t exactly tell if the 90 degree angle made by the main screen and side screens makes for good or bad ergonomics. If you ask me the time of the “Edge” is gone and Samsung should also get rid of the side menus.

There’s a 5000 mAh battery in the mix and very fast charging, plus a $999 price tag to start with.

[va AndroidLeo]

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