Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Leaked by Samsung Twice In One Week

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is going to be the next big release from Samsung, the future flagship that’s going to drop this year, probably in August. There’s been plenty of leaks, but reliable sources are calling this just a mere “S20 with stylus”. Oddly enough two of the leaks came from Samsung and happened over the past week.

The Rewards page shows a new hero image for a mystery device. It seems like it’s angular enough to be a Note, but it also lacks a punch hole selfie camera. Also, it has no notch, cutout or other traditional ways of integrating a front cam. The image has been removed in the meantime, which is maybe a confirmation of the leak. It could also just be a mere placeholder. Insiders close to the display industry keep claiming that we’re not there yet with cameras hidden in the screen.

That’s because the glass causes distortions for the camera lens and yellow pics may happen. We’ve seen that on an Oppo prototype or two. Samsung insider Ice Universe and a Korean site called The Elec recently claimed that Samsung is going to launch a phone with an under display camera this year. The way it would work is use the pixels in the screen and make them transparent, when the camera needs to work through them.

I tend to believe we’re not there yet, but I may be wrong. However, I don’t feel that this innovation alone warrants the existence of a new Note. We definitely need a more upgraded stylus and I fail to understand why Samsung removed the Math features from the Note II/ Note III days. I say bring them back, trigonometry and all.

via Forbes/ Mobilissimo

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