Samsung Galaxy Note 3, as Envisioned by Victor Greavu

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Victor Greavu already showed us his vision regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4 and now he sends us yet another very simple concept for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This device is expected to come in late 2013 and maybe inaugurate the 8 core Samsung Exynos CPU.

While the Galaxy S4 has had a lot of speculations regarding its features, the Galaxy Note 3 is a total mystery. One can only supposed they will keep the diagonal at 5.5 inches, although we’ve heard speculations about 6.3 inches. I’m also sure that Samsung will jump to Full HD resolution this time, after the first Note offered a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and the Note II a 720p one. The device should be very thing, maybe in the range of 7 mm, like the iPhone 5 and it will have 2, maybe 3 GB of RAM.

The 8 core solution CPU may be comprised of a higher end quad core Exynos processor and a lower power and frequency quad core one for mundane tasks (also part of the rumors). Or maybe it will be a 2 GHz quad core Exynos 5250 and that’s it! As far as design goes, this is basically a frame of the Galaxy Note 1, if you ask me, since the bezels are very, very thin. Think we’ll ever see a phablet so thin? What are your ideal specs for the Galaxy Note 2013 edition?

[Thanks Victor Greavu]