Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Concept Created by Ivo Maric

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The summer is just starting, but when it ends IFA 2014 awaits us and with it the first sighting of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Till then we have concepts of this device, such as the one shown below, created by Ivo Maric. He envisions a phablet with a new form factor and even dared to compare it with the Galaxy Note 3.

Galaxy Note 4 ivo maric 3

He kept the same screen size as the predecessor’s, 5.7 inches and this time the resolution is QHD. The glass is supposed to be curved on the sides, but the display stays flat. This Galaxy Note 4 concept measures 8.3 mm in thickness and it’s also narrower and shorter than the Note with 148 mm length and 77 mm width. The screen panel is still a Super AMOLED and the frame is made of metal, while the back is perforated soft plastic and it’s also removable.

The phablet is waterproof obviously and the back camera design is the same with the one of the Galaxy S5, with heart rate sensor and all. I supposed we also get a fingerprint scanner below the home button and you can notice how the edges are bit sloped and rounded this time around. Interesting placement of the speaker by the way and I also spotted the stylus slot at the back, cutting into that perfect line at the bottom of the device.

Galaxy Note 4 ivo maric 2

Galaxy Note 4 ivo maric 1

Galaxy Note 4 ivo maric 1 versus galaxy note 3

[Thanks Ivo Maric]

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