Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Render has a Quad HD Display, 21 MP Camera

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Finally, we have received a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that feels totally different from the previous ones. Created by Simion Popa, the smartphone packs a quad HD AMOLED display with a 5.7 inch diagonal.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept 1

The handset adopts a rectangular and ultrathin form factor, plus it incorporates an aluminum body. The fingerprint scanner has been embedded into what I would call a delicate Home button. At the back we’ve got a 21.5 megapixel camera with F/1.8 aperture, LED flash and BSI, while the front cam is an 8 megapixel unit.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept 2

The interesting bit here is the UI that the designer imagined for the concept. It’s very minimalistic and different from what we know as TouchWiz. By the way, this Galaxy Note has Bang & Olufsen speakers and its combo of glass and a full metal body make it look like a premium product. It will be hard for HTC fans to complain about Samsung’s lack of metal phones after this baby…

Kudos to the designer for this original render and keep in mind this is the result of 6 hours of work.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept 6

[via Simion Popa]

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  • I like the Menu how you did this. Makes it looks stylefull! But the 3d look is to simple for my. I a way and the dark blue has black bars around samsung? But i love that picture though! Very nicely made!

  • Maggie

    soooooooooooooooooo disappointed I wanted a bigger screen as well I was waiting for a bigger screen not a smaller screen disappointed disappointed disappointed and hopefully Samsung will reconsider it design horrible wanted a bigger screen Not smaller screen and I am a small lady I think if they stay with that stupid design I’ll just get a Samsung Note 3 was holding out for Samsung note 4 for though disappointed

  • maggieisamoron

    Good make the screen smaller I love the features of the note but ABSOLUTELY HATE THE SIZE!! Maggie your a moron us men don’t have purses to put our stuff in so the smaller phone is better. If you want a bigger screen go buy a tablet

  • Anonymous

    This is a concept. Samsung didn’t create this, a Samsung fan did.

  • Christopher

    You know this is a concept someone made and not an official Samsung release right? You sound like a 6 year old child whining.

  • Teresa

    I really hope they make the whole phone in metal; And I hope it has some great new features as well. That would be a great combination…. great hardware and great software….It looks great and I really really like the fact it’s thinner.

  • I do not want to see the new Samsung Note 4 with only a 5.7″ display. Minimum size that would be acceptable is 5.9″ to 6.2″.

    I love the design of the mobile in this discription. Dark Navy Blue is beautiful as one of the colour variants.

    128Gb Internal storage with 4G memory would be totally awesome. 2x3USB ports would be Brilliant along with docking capabilities with extra port accessibility.

    The final thing I’ve been wanting to see is the width of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 increased by 1/4″ or even 1/2″ to make it extremely appealing as a new design factor. Love the curved aspect at the top and bottom sections only with a removable backing to replace the battery.

    So looking forward to seeing what the final product is actually going to be in the 2Q to 3Q release date.