Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Gets Sparkly Render from Hasan Kaymak

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Well here’s a new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to start the day of Friday 13th with… This one comes from Hasan Kaymak and it seems to show the already famous phablet with a texture that has a very reptile skin-style vibe to it.

galaxy note 4 hasan kaymak 1

I’ve also spotted a pretty big flash below the camera, that’s also bigger than before. The device is now wider and its interesting back texture is applied to the top and bottom. These are all mere teasers and Hasan is still working on the final version of the Galaxy Note 4, so suggestions are welcome. Bezels are kept to a minimum and Android is more minimalist than ever.

The lower bezel has also been made smaller and the Home button is a bit too wide, if you ask me. I’m guessing there’s a fingerprint scanner in the mix and I don’t see any heart rate sensor at the back for now. The S Pen is neatly tucked into the lower side, so discrete you’ll miss it. The device is also a bit more rounded (in profile) than before and it brings a bit of a Nexus vibe with it…

galaxy note 4 hasan kaymak 2

galaxy note 4 hasan kaymak 3

galaxy note 4 hasan kaymak 4

[via Hasan Kaymak Innovations]

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