Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Imagined by JustChris and Mesut G (Video)

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will only be out in Europe in 2016, but some people are already dreaming about the Note 6. Among them is designer Mesut G, who worked together with JustChris to render the following concept.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept JustChris 1

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is shown in white, with a metal body and a new and improved stylus. The handset is very slim and integrates two speakers at the bottom, but keeps the trademark Home button. The design approach feels a bit iPhone-ish, but what doesn’t nowadays? The back side is a bit of a tribute to the Galaxy S6 and this model will very likely be a 6 inch 4K phablet, in my book.

Going all metal is something to be expected here, even though the glass back approach was also welcomed by users. It’s interesting how the volume buttons come together and I can’t quite figure out the purpose of the line going around the facade of the smartphone, marking the edges. I’m guessing that the port at the bottom is some sort of new USB Type C…

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept JustChris 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept JustChris 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 concept JustChris 4

[via JustChris and Mesut G]

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