Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Appears in Possibly The Very Last Leak

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Tick, tock! We’re less than 24 hours away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so we’re dealing with a bunch of last minute leaks. There’s no reason to get agitated, as they’re the same usual sets of hands on shots or renders.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hands on gold august 2016  (1)

Today we’re treated to hands on shots, this time in what appears to be a golden version of the device. There’s been one thing bugging me with every leak of this product: how did Samsung manage to get the two curved glass panels to meet in such a fashionable way? Make the metal frame too wide and the phone is too thick. Make it too slim and it cuts your palm.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hands on gold august 2016  (3)

Eliminate it and you’ve got a soap bar of a phone, totally slippery. There’s an ideal proportion of metal frame here, which is the keystone and foundation of the success of the device and its ergonomics, as well as good looks. I feel this is going to be a hit!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 hands on gold august 2016  (2)

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