Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge to Sport Dual Cameras; We Have a Fugly Render To Show You How

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We’ve just uncovered a piece of info, saying that Samsung will ditch the Galaxy Note 6 name and jump straight to Note 7 and Note 7 Edge. Phone Arena also writes that the Note 7 Edge will have a dual camera at the back and they included what appears to be one of the laziest renders ever (sorry guys).

samsung galaxy note 7 edge dual camera

Obviously, Samsung isn’t going to include two cameras of the same caliber as the generations before, but rather two smaller modules, in the vein of the Huawei P9 and Honor 6 Plus dual setup. Sadly, Samsung will once again get branded a copycat, if they indeed go to Note 7 AND implement dual cameras, just as the iPhone 7 Plus is coming.

But then again they have the upper hand, since they’ll be the first in line to scream bloody murder when Apple launches its curved edge screen iPhone in a year or two. In spite of all these suppositions, it’s been a long while since Apple and Samsung saw each other in court, so this is merely potential trolling material.

A dual camera would certainly be welcome, although the Huawei P9’s and LG G5’s felt like gimmicks. Okay, so one takes black and white shots and other wide angle shots. Big deal…

[via Phone Arena]

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