Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Concept Has Everything and the Kitchen Sink

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is much closer than you’d expect. I imagine that since Galaxy S9 leaks came out late in 2017, we’re about a month away from the first legit leaks of the Note 9. Let’s welcome them with some concepts and designs first. The one below has been rendered by designer Blogo.

Blogo did a wireframe for the device, concept pictures and even some leaked specs were included. First of all, the rumors are real: it has an in display fingerprint scanner, although I’ve heard voices that say that feature has been kept for the Galaxy S10. An AMOLED screen is in the mix, with a Quad HD resolution and 18.5:9 aspect ratio. The iris scanner has been upgraded once again and we’ve also got an octa core CPU, a new gen Snapdragon or Exynos chipset.

The 16 MP dual camera is placed much higher now, with vertical orientation and it’s surprisingly discrete. It has a 50 mm lens and another 28 mm lens for the other cam, both with OIS and F/1.7 aperture. There’s a 12 MP shooter upfront, with wide angle lens and F/1.7 aperture, plus OIS, which is new for the selfie cam on Samsungs. Another massive upgrade is the battery, going up to a 4800 mAh unit.

RAM gets bumped up to 8 GB and storage to 256 GB. Just like the Note 8, the device is very narrow and very long and somehow it also has a sort of notch upfront. The only problem I have with this design is the fact that the earpiece is not centered and I’m a symmetry lover.


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