Samsung Galaxy Note III Concept Has a 6 Inch Display, 2.5 GHz Quad Core Cortex A15 CPU

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The Samsung Galaxy Note II is not even out yet and people are already dreaming about the Galaxy Note III. One of them is user “uva7 dance”, who sent us an email with his render of the Note 3 and a list of specifications. While the render isn’t that surprising and it doesn’t stray from the lines we expect from Samsung, the specs list is pretty interesting.

The Galaxy Note III concept is expected to feature a 6 inch IPS UHD screen with 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution and 734 dpi ratio. The phablet measures 7 mm in thickness, weighs 160 grams and features a 2.0 or 2.5 GHz quad core processor of the Cortex A15 20 nm kind. Other features include 2.5 – 4 GB of RAM, 64/128 GB of storage, a micro SDXC card slot and a 16 megapixel main camera, plus a 5 megapixel front camera with 1080p capture. The back camera now does 2160p video, apparently.

This Galaxy Note design also has a nano SIM card slot, a 5000 mAh battery, stereo speakers, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.1, Wifi and the classic S Pen, plus software. Android 5.x is seen as the futuristic OS on this phablet. So, are these realistic expectations for the end of the year 2013?

[Thanks “uva7 dance”]

  • Leifen

    Hmmm… This seems more like a dream, IMO. I think these are more realistic specs:

    – 1080p resolution display on, let’s just say 6″. (IMO this can be from 5,8 to 6,2″, but probably 5,8 or 6″.)
    – CPU is probably right where it’ll be, the biggest question being what clock.
    – Also agree on RAM, but I doubt it will go as high as 4 GB, then I see 3GB as more likely.
    – Storage… I’m really unsure about the 128GB, I can’t really see that being wanted, as the cloud is being more and more popular (Speaking from Norway where we don’t have nearly as much of the cloud features as they have in the US)
    – Camera, I guess they will keep the 12MP camera with better sensors (And if the Note II sports a 8MP, which I think is more likely, I think this is the time they will bump it to 12MP). And it will be either 1080p or 4k, my bet is still 1080p.
    – Front camera.. 1080p and that’s it. Why bother go higher? Which also means 2MP.
    – Probably right with the battery, though I hope some new technology will finally arrive the cell phones by then.
    – Oh, S-Pen.. I guess Samsung will find something new even on this Note II, which will make the S-pen something new.. Like “S-Pen 2” or “S-Pen Plus” or something. And guessing the Note III will have a successor of that again.
    – WiFi will brobably include the AC-standard.
    – My guess is that the Android version will probably be named 5.0, as I really still don’t see the big changes comming in the next edition, which would make it jump a whole number.
    – Things I have not commented now, I basically guess the same.

    But I must say, if the design gets like that, I will be THRILLED! That’s a really beautiful, modern design, and I really think the design is the best thing about this scetch! 🙂 Really nice, uva7 dance!!

  • Leifen

    Oh, on resolution, I don’t think the Note II will have the 1080p, but the 1680×1050 display. If it has 1080p, then the resolution on the Note III might be 2x1080p, like mentioned here, but I still think that’s rather high…

  • Lord Vader

    WOW looks nice &
    I hope that will be the Spec as mentioned 🙂

  • plethora

    I guess the one thing I’m missing on so many of these is: Are these commissioned artists or are they people with pipe-dreams? I mean, I could come up with outlandish but believable specs for a phone that, although a particular technology may be in infancy, I can say this is the next generation. I was just reading a comic strip today that said visionaries had proposed we’d all be in flying cars by now–so where are they?

  • uva7dance
  • Himanshu

    6 inch screen…lol….i think samsung forgot that they are actually making a phone…and now heading towards tablet…and one day…we will see a news…Samsung galaxy note 6….10 inch screen…omg…it beats tablet…..:P

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  • uva7dance
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  • Anonymous

    The days of “postage stamp” sized phones are over kid! Most folks are looking a movies, surfing the web, etc. Why do that with a tiny girlie phone when you can have a nice sized device? And you can make calls with it too! It’s a Win-Win!

  • uva7dance

    Samsung Galaxy S Note
    – Screen – 6.3 Super Amoled Plus 1080p (350dpi)
    – Quad core cortex A15
    – 2 GB Ram
    – 64 GB Rom (+ microSD XC 64 GB)
    – Main camera 12 MPx (video 1080p60)
    – Front camera 2 MPx (video 1080p30)
    – Battery 4000 mAh
    – 2ch stereo sound
    – Size 162.5×84.5×7-8 mm

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  • Awesome! look what I want one Galaxy Note 3 2.5 GHZ I hope would be awesome for early 2013. I definitely buy. looking forward to hear about upcoming Galaxy Note 3 powerful 6inch 2.5GHZ 5000MAH!

  • Sam

    6 inch IPS UHD screen with 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution and 734 dpi ratio. Woo Excellent Note, Samsung just update itself.

  • iyana

    think its much better if they make a dual-sim, dual stand by phone..for example like enhancing the samsung galaxy note’ll be more great and a lot will like it since many of phones here in the philippines now got dual-sim, triple -sim and four-sim..which many other countries are interested with dual-sim slot..and also galaxy note 2 got a great specs, so why not enhance it and make a dual-sim dual-stand by..which i think if it happened, the price is absolutely expensive also..but surely it’ll be a hit..

  • uifoaapfna

    Dream on if you want, but most of these specs are completely useless.
    1. I sure hope the Note 3 doesn’t look like this.
    2. Nobody needs a 2160p screen, 1080p would already be perfect to most eyesight.
    3. 4 GB of RAM is already more than my laptop.
    4. wtf is bluetooth 5.1?

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  • Jeffery Wong

    My opinion is do not go overboard to keep on increasing the size of this Phone to 6
    inches screen. If you do that it can only go big and not reverse. This will kill the product one of these days. The present 5.5″ is good enough. Do not forget that it is a problem to place it in our pockets. It does not serve the purpose. Samsung should concentrate on coming out with better DESIGN phone and improving on the software. This concept phone designed with a PAIR of SPEAKERS is a Good example. It serve users’ need when they want to enjoy music while not using the phone for internet.

  • Laxmaneshwar

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