Samsung Galaxy NxT Phablet Features a Sliding Keyboard, Looks Great

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Designer Christophe Simeon has sent us a great concept, the Samsung Galaxy NxT, which is basically a 5.5 inch phablet with a sliding keyboard mechanism. It reminds me of the ASUS Eee Pad Slider and the Nokia E7, as far as the sliding mechanism goes.


The device is also pretty hot and it does look a bit like the Galaxy S4 and S3. The specs are pretty good and the way the QWERTY keyboard is integrated is very original and discrete. Samsung Galaxy NxT measures 8.6 mm, which is very good for a QWERTY keyboard phone. Its case uses titanium, glass and rubber and it also includes 2 microphones, stereo speakers and a 5.55 inch Full HD display.

At the back there’s a 16 megapixel camera with Xenon flash and upfront a 3 megapixel shooter, both with infrared illuminator. We’ve also got the usual Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, microSD and NFC and microHDMI (bi directional) is also here. Qi inductive charging is present and sadly the designer didn’t mention the CPU or RAM. I guess it’s probably an Exynos 5 Octa and 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, if you ask me.

The keyboard is a 4 row QWERTY, that’s very compact and user friendly. Quite a fantastic work from Cristophe, so congrats on that! There are more Samsung concepts from him, so stay tuned!

[Thanks Cristophe Simeon]

  • mike

    Wonderful concept phablet photo phone.
    Amazing,Android photo vidéo phablet, i wait
    Just a pad on trackpad for games is better.
    go do it.

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  • R


  • Daniel Fuller

    Do it, Samsung. You screwed over your keyboard lovers with the Sidekick 4g, promising us the sky. This phone is the sky you promised.

  • georgia may

    has anyone actually gave this idea to samsung ????

  • TAG

    Make that a 5 row keyboard and we’re in business. Its a 5.5 inch phablet. It has the room lol. Still stuck with my Galaxy S Relay 4G until the next passable qwerty comes out. This, though a little big for my taste, is more than passable. Someone GET THIS MADE!

  • Mike

    Notice that even though the text says “4 row”, the pictures show a 5 row keyboard.

  • Mizzle

    Lso i want ths phone…… wao wht a concept…i lke vry mch

  • AAT

    Any possible way we can start a massive lobbying campaign and beg ALL of the Android OEM’s to make this bad boy??? This is my dream phone. I would pay over $1,500 for it! BUT I cringe when I see the QWERTY-slider garbage they produce today (Galaxy S Relay 4g, LG Optimus F3 just released on T-Mobile USA this month, etc…) with low-end specs. Not my style. I want THIS phone to be a reality!!!

  • Binumon Josepg

    Excellent conce.
    Better if samsumg bring 7″ phablet with sliding qwert pad.

  • Tanvir

    Never forget stylus pen, and power backup 12 hrs on browsing. And also screen display should be 100 mm by wide

  • Anonymous

    Very 2008

  • Gunhild

    I really want this! Tomorrow!
    Come on Samsung! Bring this phone to europe, specially Norway. I buy even 2 🙂
    Sign me on for one of theese.
    What does it take? Sign capaign on Facebook?
    Love it, yes thanx, gimme, 🙂

  • anonymous


    …and if you could include a stylus that would be great.

  • Sisa

    I really want this phone.Please bring this phone to Bulgaria! <3

  • Ronan

    It’s the Nokia E7 for today. I’ve been hoping Nokia would do it but this might be okay. Need more info.

  • Larry Wolf

    All of the phone companies have besmirked and forgotten about the deaf and the need for a fast physical keyboard. Jeeze what a world. This will never get made as NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE DEAF in this world.

  • blaaaaaaat

    HTC already did that years ago with the Touch Pro 2, ditto with Nokia and their N97 series. Still would be nice to see some modern-era high-end QWERTY sliders enter the smartphone market though :huuuuuge hint to all smartphone manufacturers:

  • sd

    Awesome concept. But what is the Android version & battery life?????

  • azalaia

    Which is the successor of the Samsung Galaxy NxT Phablet in 2015

  • T in Texas

    you guys at samsung or missing out on so much money its a shame…THIS IS THE DREAM PHONE! I want it now please…I REFUSE to purchase any phone until you make this one…..please make this phone ….ive been looking for a good quality slider physical qwerty keyboard phone sine they first surfaced in 2006…THIS is finally the end all device….I will keep this phone forever and take it to heaven with me and let God use it! Im in love! id give you a kidney or a leg just to have one….please let ME beta test it first…and keep it or buy it…i dont care…please just give me this THIS phone…and I can die a happy man!

  • Tiffany

    Samsung needs to make this with good battery and stylus as stated before. I have been looking and waiting for a big phablet or phone for awhile now. This concept rocks. I watch a lot of hulu on my phone bc it’s easier, so this phone would be awesome.

  • Heather

    Im still waiting for this phone…please send to USA…How do we get a proto-type for feedback for the product??

  • TuscanSunDavi

    The world is at a loss for a good qwerty phone/phablet. I used to conduct at least HALF of my correspondence for a very busy insurance agency on my querty phone, with 70 wpm speed, and total accuracy! CANNOT DO on a piece of glass! I’m down to 15 wpm, and very poor accuracy!

    The world needs your new NxT! Ride that horse baby!!!

  • TuscanSunDavi

    I’m NOT ALONE!!!

    Mr. T in Texas: How myopic have all the phone manufacturers been to eliminate what has been a durable dependable convenient standard in the cell phone industry since cell phones began?

    Why, I even did better with my T-9 ‘keyboards’ when you had to click a number up to 3 or more times to get the character you needed, and I was STILL more accurate and faster than I am typing on a piece of glass! IT’S ABSURED, ISN’T IT?

    Well, if we get these NxT phones, I’ll be texting along side you in heaven!! LOL


  • L

    Yep, 2016 and I still want this so badly. I am basing my next phone choice on the keyboard cases I can find, but given the small number of connections available it sucks that they cannot have a physical connection so the added bulk can serve as extra battery.

  • Javier Seixas

    I definitely would buy this phone if Samsung were putting it on sale!