Samsung Galaxy F is a Premium Flagship With Metallic body

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The Samsung Galaxy F series gets a new model today, courtesy of a concept created by Ivo Marić and shown below. The device is simply known as the Samsung Galaxy F and it measures 8.1 mm in thickness, just like the Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy F concept 1

It has a different curvature of the corners and Home button and the side of the handset is chamfered, so you can pick it up easily. The Samsung Galaxy F features a physical camera button and another button that can get a function assigned to it. For example you assign to it the flash features, HDR On/Off and many others.

Samsung Galaxy F concept 2

The Galaxy F concept has a 5.2 inch screen and it’s a little bigger than the Galaxy S5. Its body is made of metal and the battery is removable. The back side is very much like the one of the Galaxy S5, particularly the camera area, that also seems to include a flash and heart sensor. I’m guessing what this body is also waterproof, since I see that the microUSB 3.0 port is sealed.

In the end this feels like a metallic Galaxy S5 with some design changes. Do you like it?

Samsung Galaxy F concept 3

Samsung Galaxy F concept 4

[Thanks Ivo Marić]

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