Samsung Galaxy Pro is An Upgraded Galaxy S5, With Brushed Stainless Steel and Leather Case

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Hass T. has created a brand new Samsung concept phone, a model that’s not the Galaxy S6, in case you’re wondering. Instead, it’s an upgrade for the S5, dubbed Galaxy Pro. The newcomer runs Android 5.0 Lollipop and looks like a slab of metal and glass.

Samsung Galaxy pro concept 1

It uses brushed stainless steel and leather, so it’s a luxury device. The project is at 70% completion, so there’s still time to give the designer some feedback. This model seems to adopt a huge Home button and it makes the Back Button and Recents buttons virtual. It also seems less than 8 mm thin and to me it has a screen much bigger than 5 inches, but that’s just guessing.

The On/Off button protrudes more than before and screen bezels are basically non existing. The sides of the handset seem to be made of metal or glass, but we can’t tell exactly. Do you prefer aluminum or stainless steel for flagship phones?

Samsung Galaxy pro concept 2

Samsung Galaxy pro concept 3

[via Hass T.]

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