Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus Has the Largest Camera EVER, Featuring 7 Sensors

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Just when we thought we’d seen it all, here comes the Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus to blow our collective mind. It’s got the biggest camera module ever and it includes a crazy amount of sensors: 7. This leak comes courtesy of @OnLeaks and CashKaro and there’s also a video of it below.

The camera module feels very much like the Pixel 4 one combined with the Motorola One Zoom one. It’s also rather thick, on account of the technology it includes. There are 5 main cameras, but also two extra sensors, possibly for laser focus. The screen is a giant 6.9 incher, curved to the sides, but not in waterfall fashion. The selfie camera is cut in the “forehead”, just like on the Galaxy S11, S11e and Galaxy A71.

This will be a very polarizing design, but also a killer camera phone. It’ll have 5G, an Exynos 990 CPU and a main 108 megapixel camera. There’s also an ultra wide cam and a telephoto cam with 5x optical zoom. Rumors also talk about a ToF camera and a second telephoto cam, like the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 one. 8K recording is on the table, a 120 Hz screen and with specs like these, Samsung may just justify asking $1300 for a phone, maybe even more.

Expect a metal and glass body with an 8.8 mm thickness, going up to 10.2 mm with the camera bump. Samsung will have to be very careful with that camera module, since it may affect the integrity of the body and make it prone to breakage like the Pixel 4 XL…

via OnLeaks/ Cashkaro

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