Samsung Galaxy S22: Release Date, Price, Specs, and All of the Leaks

The Samsung Galaxy S22 rumors from different tech sources show that a new device could be launched soon, likely with an early February 2022 launch date. Samsung Galaxy S22 is not the only device that is rumored to be released in 2022, as there is a series of other devices that will be the upgrades of S21 Ultra, S21 Plus, and S21.

The S22 is the next massive flagship since the company canceled the Samsung Galaxy Note 21. If Samsung manages to launch S22, then this device will be the first huge traditional mobile phone from the company to be established in a year. As fans of phones from this company, we have seen several devices with amazing features, including the likes of Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3. For most consumers of Samsung products, the S22 is the next massive Android device.

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Samsung Galaxy S22 News

Many early release date rumors for this gadget initially pointed to January 2022. However, it now appears that an early February launch is likely, especially since we are already in mid-January and have not seen anything. Most sources have now pointed to early February 2022, with many experts predicting that the gadget will be unveiled on 9th February and released to the market on 25th February.

That estimation time frame makes sense as we would expect the company to follow the same schedule to its 2021 plans, where it pulled forward its release date compared to the previous years. We also have information that the previous phone releases entered mass production in October, which would possibly work for either a late January or an early February launch.

Does that mean we will see the S22 series in late January or early February? There is no guarantee, and other leaks suggest that the developers of this phone pushed back their reveal to make sure that it could reveal the S21 FE on 3rd January. The company could choose to default back to its normal flagship launch window and push the device out in March. With that in mind, Samsung may even bring the release forward and declare the handsets even earlier.

While no individual knows exactly what to expect from the company, our best prediction, for now, is an early February launch. And Samsung could establish two S devices in a single year. That is also what many rumors for the Samsung Galaxy S22 point out.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Models: Everything You Need to Know

Apart from the release date, there are plenty of other things that you need to know about Galaxy S22. These things are:

  • Price: According to experts, the pricing is indefinite, but for reference, the Galaxy S21 started at ¬£769/$799. But leaks suggest that the Galaxy S22 price might rise by approximately $100 for every model.
  • Battery: Leaks and Rumors point to about a 5,000mAh battery in the S22 Ultra, 4,500mAh in the S22 Plus, and 3,700mAh in the S22. The charging speed for all these models might be enhanced, with the highest one being at 45W.
  • Display: Based on rumors, the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra will have screen sizes of 6.06, 6.55, and 8.81 inches, respectively. All these models are expected to have about a 120HZ refresh rate that is likely to be paired with a QHD+ resolution for the S22 Ultra and an FHD+ resolution for the S22 and S22 Plus.
  • Specifications: We expect either Exynos 2200 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset depending on the region. This chipset is likely to be coupled with storage spaces of the S21 range and the same Random Access Memory. That means a maximum of 16GB of Random Access Memory and 512GB of internal storage in the S22 Ultra model or a maximum of 8GB of Random Access Memory and 256GB of internal storage in other models. Some reports indicate that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will have up to 1TB of internal storage.   
  • Camera: For the S22 Plus and S22 models, 50MP main, 12MP telephoto, and 12MP ultra-wide cameras have been predicted. When it comes to the S22 Ultra, things are less clear, but it is rumored to have a 12mp ultra-wide, two 10MP telephotos, and a 108MP snapper.
  • Design and Colors: The S22 Plus and S22 devices are more likely to look like their predecessors, with the S22 Ultra model rumored to have a design almost similar to that of the Galaxy Note range. The three models could feature glass rears. In terms of colors, leaks suggest that S22 Plus and S22 may be available in green, pink, black, and white shades. On the other hand, the S22 Ultra might be available in dark red, green, black, and white.


So lots of leaks and rumors to digest are currently available. Weighing whether to purchase the Galaxy S21 or wait until February 2022 for the new and massive flagship? Naturally, it certainly sounds like the Galaxy S22 will be a huge improvement on the S21 series. 

To guess some of the improvements that will be made on the S22 models, you can read the best Samsung Galaxy S21 review that provides information about the features of this series of devices. Overall, we are sure that the S22 models will be the best devices of the year from the company, meaning all the features will blend effortlessly with the requirements of all Android smartphone users. Be sure to grab one for yourself and visit the comment section to share your impressions. 


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