Samsung Galaxy S30 Plus Has a Multi Display Design and Penta Camera

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At this point we’re not even sure if the next Samsung flagship will be called Galaxy S21 or S30, but the leaks are starting to happen. TechConfigurations seems dead set on the idea of a flagship with a secondary display and I can’t figure out why. Well, I have a theory and I’ll share it below. We’ve seen a Galaxy S30 Ultra before and now we see a Galaxy S30 Plus.

There’s a 40 megapixel camera here and in spite of all expectations it’s a punch hole camera, not an under display cam, like it was rumored. Now, as far as the multi display goes, we should get a back display stuck to the main camera, which would be good to take selfies. It could also eliminate the need for a selfie camera, totally. The back screen also shows notifications, Quick Settings, camera options, AOD features and more.

The fingerprint scanner within the screen has been upgraded with a 3D sensor (3D Sonic Ma). There’s a 6.7 inch AMOLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate and the back camera sure sounds impressive. It includes a 108 megapixel main camera, 12 MP ultrawide shooter, 16 MP telephoto camera and a mystery 12 MP camera, either a secondary telephoto cam or a Macro camera. A 0.3 MP depth sensor is also here.

The device is 5G ready, has a 5000 mAh battery and 65W fast charging. There’s an Exynos 1000 CPU inside, a 5 nm chip with the alternative of a Snapdragon 875 CPU, which I would prefer to be honest. Well, unless the rumor about the AMD Radeon involvement with Samsung is real. This sounds like a much more upgraded S30 Plus compared to the S20 Plus. I sure wish we knew more about materials and colors.

via Techconfigurations

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