Samsung Galaxy S6 Christmas Edition Rendered by Hass T.

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Right on Christmas Day the Samsung Galaxy S6 gets another concept, rendered by Hass T. The newcomer is all about sophistication and remastering of a design that has already been applied by Samsung. This design is inspired by the Galaxy Alpha mainly.

Samsung Galaxy S6 picture Hass t 1

There’s a brand new speaker design in the mix, shaped like a hexagon and the screen design has also been altered. Now it comes with curved edges and a Super AMOLED panel with great colors and quality. Samsung Galaxy S6 gives up the cheap plastic back and replaces it with a brushed titanium and aluminum surface, making the device more premium. H. Tahir, the creator of this model also included a series of holes for speakers at the bottom of the phone.

The overall format reminds me of the Galaxy Alpha, but I feel the Home button and capacitive buttons aren’t quite done yet. The Home button looks virtual and all of these buttons are actually drawn pretty sloppy. I also see that the interestingly curved corners of the Alpha made the cut here.  Also, Merry Christmas everyone!

Samsung Galaxy S6 picture Hass t 2

Samsung Galaxy S6 Hass t 3

[via Hass T.]

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