Samsung Galaxy S6 Rendered by Hasan Kaymak Innovations 2015 (Video)

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Felt a craving for a new Samsung Galaxy S6 concept? Well, here it is, courtesy of Hasan Kaymak Innovations 2015. It’s a metal beauty, that does itself the great favour of not copying or mimicking any iPhone or HTC model.

samsung galaxy s6 hasan kaymak concept 1

One of the main problem that all Galaxy Note and Galaxy S models had was the sound. Well, this newcomer brings dual front speakers, that look very hot and probably sound great. The handset uses a metal back and generally a metal case and integrates what seems to be a potent front camera. We’ve got a 24 megapixel back shooter, probably supplied by Sony as usual, plus a new type of flash, if I can speculate.

samsung galaxy s6 hasan kaymak concept 3

It’s interesting to see the whole flash/heart rate sensor area minimized into that small dot below the camera. Also, while other models have a main metal back and plastic upper and lower part, this one does it the other way. The speakers are probably my favourite part of the concept, as well as its metallic body. Can’t quite make out what the new TouchWiz is about, but I like its shades of blue.

samsung galaxy s6 hasan kaymak concept 4

samsung galaxy s6 hasan kaymak concept 2

[via Hasan Kaymak Innovations 2015]

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