Samsung Galaxy S6 Gets Rendered Again, This Time by Greco Medrano

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We’re no strangers to the Samsung Galaxy S6, but it continues to fascinate us how this phone is getting more concepts than the Galaxy S5, for some reason. Today’s render comes from Greco Medrano and it involves a handset that makes me think of a Galaxy Note rather than a Galaxy S.

galaxy s6 concept blue

Since LG and Samsung often take cues from each other and often tend to launch their rival’s technology ahead of time, Samsung may as well use some of the elements of the LG G2 or even LG G3. I’m expecting an edge to edge screen, volume buttons on the back and a 5.2 inch diagonal. An 8 core real setup of maybe dual 8 core setup would be required, unless there’s a way to stop this rush for crazy specs…

3G of RAM should be enough to run Android 6.0 Milkshake and the camera would certainly do 4K capture. The screen here would support a 2560 x 1600 resolution or maybe just a bit less, but only a bit. I also hope that with such an evolution TouchWiz will either die or morph into something more beautiful…

[Thanks Greco Medrano]


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