Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Gets a Fresh Teaser from Jermaine Smit (Video)

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Jermaine Smit is back with a new concept, following this iPhone 7 render he did. This time he tackles the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, that will inevitably be launched next year. For now all we get is a teaser.

samsung galaxy s7 edge preview

The smartphone will have a very narrow metal frame and obviously curved edges, but curved how? We’ve seen speculations about a top and bottom curve, about keeping the side curve and elongating the edge curves more. I see there’s a bit Power button and long volume buttons on the side and the design is very sleek. Maybe the designer will also find room for front speakers upfront.

I see people already got excited about this product, with 3k views for the video below, so imagine the hype for the real Galaxy S7 Edge. A crucial aspect Samsung must improve is the software part of the edges, with more functionality.

[Thanks Jermaine Smit]

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