Samsung Galaxy S7 Edges All Around Concept Rendered by Mesut G Designs (Video)

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So, the Samsung Galaxy S7 apparently leaked this week, codenamed Bunny and packing a Snapdragon 820 processor. In the meantime we scored a new Galaxy S7 concept, the one below, that hypes itself as having “all around edges”.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edges all around concept 1

The creation of Mesut G Designs, this Samsung Galaxy S7 render brings a glass front and back, as well as small bits of rounded glass on all the edges. They can display notifications, news and more and circle around the device, as shown in the video below. We’re also getting 4 GB of RAM, although Samsung recently starting developing 6 GB RAM modules for smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edges all around concept 2

Apparently there are both vertical and horizontal speakers here, an infrared blaster, USB Type C Port and a 10 megapixel front shooter. The strong metal frame remains in place and I’m guessing the Home button is also untouched, since it’s present here.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edges all around concept 3

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edges all around concept 4

[via Mesut G Designs]

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