Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept Design is All About That Glass…

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Samsung Galaxy S7 is already selling and selling well from what I hear, so let’s think about the Galaxy S8. Well, we have a concept of that device and I’ll say what I say every time: such a wide device would rather make a good Galaxy Note, not a Galaxy S8.

samsung galaxy s8 concept march 2016  (1)

Thus you can think of this as sort of a Galaxy Note 6 or 7. The bezels are almost totally gone and we get an all glass body, with a camera that’s not very smartly integrated. The flash seems to be gone and the camera is kinda small. I see the metal frame is ultra prominent here, sticking out of the sides, top and bottom pretty clearly.

samsung galaxy s8 concept march 2016  (2)

The front camera also seems way too small and the general proportions seem to be wrong here. The core of the Galaxy S experience over the past years has been “lean and mean”, with a narrow and slim body, glass and metal chassis and hardcore specs. This doesn’t quite fit in with this scene. It would make for an interesting Galaxy A though…

samsung galaxy s8 concept march 2016  (3)

samsung galaxy s8 concept march 2016  (4)

samsung galaxy s8 concept march 2016  (5)


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