Samsung Galaxy S8 Concept is a Modular Device With Magnetic Pins at the Top

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Since LG pretty much messed it up with the LG G5, that didn’t sell well, Samsung may well take the reins of the commercial modular phone segment. That’s basically the starting point of the following Samsung Galaxy S8, a concept created by

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept 91mobiles  (1) is India’s largest gadget research website, with a very large and engaged audience, that through surveys can reveal a lot about current mobile phone trends. So, let’s get to it! The Samsung Galaxy S8 concept comes with a metal body that’s seamless and has no ports. In lieu of the audio jack, it gets bundled wireless headphones and charging happens wirelessly.

Samsung Galaxy S8 concept 91mobiles  (2)

The S8 has dual curved edges, like the Note 7 and can get multiple modules attached to the pins at the top. These modules include a 360 degree camera, a projector module and a health tracker, plus a speaker module. Specs are rather hardcore, including a 5.5 inch Quad HD screen with a Super AMOLED panel, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 CPU and 6 GB of RAM.

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Storage is available in 64,128 or 256 GB versions and there’s a 16 megapixel ISOCELL camera at the back, still with dual pixel technology and OIS. The creator of the Galaxy S8 included a generous 4000 mAh battery, that should offer a lot of functioning time. The device looks pretty badass and slim and it further refines the design lines of the S7 and Note 7.

Some great ideas here!

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  • Nostromo

    You’ve gotten my attention. This gives me something think about for the next several months. Coming to a retailer near you in the depths of next winter.

  • bjs

    The design is visually appealing. But I’m really trying to envision a real-world use-case. Right now, my wallet and phone are all I carry (most of time). When I want to carry my 10K mAh battery, my earbuds, my coin purse, my charger cable, my OTG adapter for up/down loading to USB, and numerous other things, I put them all in my men’s side bag. Carrying around more adapters, extenders, augmenters, etc., etc., etc., is just getting insane. For a while, I was (and still am) quite content to merely walk into a meeting with my phone. I don’t like looking like a mule, or Mr. BaggyPants, or some nerd. From my observations of those I see in public, I’m pretty certain most would agree that “less is more.”

  • One module may fit in the back pocket of your jeans. I doubt you could need more than one module per day.

  • bjs

    Hmmmmm. Let’s see here: 1) 360 degree camera, 2) a projector module, 3) a health tracker, 4) a speaker module

    Ok, I can see leaving the 360 at home. Maybe even the projector can be left behind unless the user is going to watch a movie or make a slideshow demo. That leaves the health tracker and speaker. I guess for many geeks, they don’t even need to buy the health tracker because of Samsung Gear Fit2 already on their wrists. Finally the speaker. Yeah, I guess that would be nice. I already own a bluetooth speaker that is excellent and if I’m using the phone as a standalone device, I’d probably just plug in my earbuds.

    Again, I’m not finding fault. It is a beautiful design. I just can’t think of a use-case.