Samsung Galaxy Wing Foldable Phone Gets Updated Design (Video)

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Samsung Galaxy Wing is a foldable phone that was rendered a while ago, with all the moving parts needed to make it a CES 2019 star. Now the device is back with an updated design, courtesy of Techconfigurations and this time it showcases a 2 by 3 folding design.

We also have the patent and official sketch that inspired this design below. Techconfigurations created the concept design of the Samsung Galaxy Wing months ago, based on patent documents and they implemented a clamshell design. The latest leaks have shown that Samsung is trying to decide between a device that folds in half or a second one, that folds by two thirds up.

This would make the screen be 7 to 8 inches in diagonal when the Galaxy Wing is unfolded. Just like the last foldable Samsung phone we see there’s a special mid section cutout, that lets the flexible mechanisms get in gear. The result is a 7 inch 4K AMOLED display, that flexes down the middle and closes the phone up like a clam.

There’s also a 120 degree fold making it look like a makeup kit and even a 90 degree fold for a laptop style view. Once you fold it all the way, you still leave half of the bottom screen available for Glance notifications or Always On Screen stuff, perhaps even regular interaction. The screen is seamless in spite of the mid section and there doesn’t seem to be any fragility issue.

Just don’t give this phone to JerryRigEveryting… One quick mention here: in the future when screens will get bendable we’ll see only flat displays doing that, not curved ones, since it’s easier to do so with flat panels. A highly durable flexible polymer joint will be included in the mix for the folding portion.

[via Techconfigurations]

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