Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Galaxy Fold 2 Just Hit the Web

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Just a few days after the last Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 render, here comes another one, bundled with a bonus: a Galaxy Fold 2. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 was rendered by Fold Universe, while the Galaxy Z Flip 2 was rendered by Max Weinbach. Let’s analyze both of them.

First of all, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 changes one of the things that everybody has been complaining about: the external screen. That has become bigger now, probably a 2.5 or 3 incher and also wide. It can display the full text of a notification, not just like the icon like on the Z Flip 1. Also the dual camera is still here, which is a bit of a bummer, since we hoped for an upgrade. Hopefully, the sensors are given a bump to 48 MP + 64 MP telephoto let’s say.

The new blue hue with mauve accents is pretty to be honest. Other than that the hinge and format stay the same. I’d make the device shorter, because it’s too long right now.

Now the Galaxy Fold 2 from Ben Geskin also comes with some specs bundled. As you can see it stays the same design-wise, but it gets a stylus, plus a S20+ style camera. There’s a 7.7 inch QXGA screen now with 129 Hz refresh rate and the 6.4 inch FHD+ cover screen. There’s 5G, a Snapdragon 865 CPU, a 10 MP selfie camera and a quad back camera: 12 MP wide, 12 MP ultra wide, 64 MP telephoto and DepthVision sensor. Well, at least it doesn’t have a notch… but rather a teardrop front camera.

via Ben Geskin/ Fold Universe

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