Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Gets an Even Bigger External Screen, 50 MP Camera

After seeing the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra, it’s very hard to be surprised. Well, YouTube channel Technical Cheez has published a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 concept video, which is full of surprises. It’s a high end device, with an even bigger external screen than the predecessor and an extra back camera.

It moves to more potent sensors, a new CPU and a more elegant and sturdy design. The main screen is a 6.8 inch foldable Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with an increased refresh rate, up to 144 Hz. It shows 1 billion colors and has HDR10+ support. The external screen is a 2.7 incher, with an AMOLED panel and it’s able to show notifications and also your face when taking selfies with the main camera.

When seen from the front and opened up, the device looks very much like a Galaxy S20 or S21. When seen from the back it gets a shiny metal bend where the discrete hinge goes, plus some very vivid colors, including green and red. The device’s overall frame is now flatter and thicker, or so it seems to me at first sight. Bezels are also much narrower for the main foldable screen, which doesn’t seem to show a crease anymore.

Somehow this is both a beefier machine and a slimmer and more compact one. At the back we find a triple camera with 50 MP main lens and 3X optical zoom, plus OIS support.

via Technical Cheez

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