Samsung Lavender Concept Phone by Andrew Seunghyun Kim Smells Really Nice

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We’re ALL into niche products these days, as we don’t dig normal handsets any more, but we look for originality, hot new features and the strangest designs. The Samsung Lavender by Andrew Seunghyun Kim is not all about internal memory, a hot CPU or touchscreen resolution. Instead, it’s a more refined piece of equipment that will tickle your nose instead of your eyes and ears.


It’s also got a fluid design and deep violet body with notes of “warm pink”, as the designer claims. On the front of the handset you can notice the presence of a speaker, plus a “Home” button that looks like a gem. On the back, the camera is surrounded by a circular flash and sparkly LEDs.

Beauty’s in the details, when it comes to the Samsung Lavender, as it features an USB connector that attaches accessories with ease and secures the connection with a magnetic latch system.



Among those accessories, there’s a Lavender Light, that emits UV light during the charging process, used to fight bacteria. Of course, there’s a lavender perfume dispenser to attach, a feature you might have guessed with the aid of the phone’s name. Just press the metal head to activate the spray nozzle and smell lavender.

There’s also a clip you can use to attach the Lavender handset to basically anything, specially clothing. More info on the device and screenshots of its interface right here.



[via Product Design Forums]