Transparent Camera Patent From Samsung May Spawn Transparent Phones

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It appears that Wall Street Journal has found an interesting Samsung patent, showing a digital camera with a transparent display. This may as well be turned into a cameraphone, since the design allows it.

samsung transparent phone

This looks like a pretty hot device and it’s well thought out. Imagine if the transparent part was a screen, a touch one and you could select all the elements of the picture taking experience. As shown here, part of the phone’s body would be see through and play the part of a viewfinder. Nowadays cameraphones tend to be ugly, like the Samsung Galaxy Zoom, Nokia Lumia 1020 and the Xperia Z1.

All of them are bulky, maybe too wide or maybe too fat, so it’s hard to make a sexy phone and a powerful picture taking smartphone. As sensors decrease in size and new concepts of camera interaction appear, the size of the these handsets will decrease. And someday we’ll get a transparent Samsung cameraphone…

[via Wall Street Journal]

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