Unofficial 3D Concept Render of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Created by T3 (Video)

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After the Techradar Nokia X concept, another reputed publication comes up with a nifty render. T3 has imagined the unofficial concept of the Samsung Galaxy S5, a definitive round up of all the leaked specs into a single handsome device.

galaxy s5 t3 concept 1

This 2014 smartphone features an aluminum body in a very nice looking format. There’s a 5 inch 2K display upfront and this concept features 4 GB of RAM and an 8 core processor with 64 bit architecture. There’s also Android 4.4 KitKat on board with Magazine UX on top looking very convincing. We’ve got a 16 megapixel camera with 4K video and front quad speakers.

galaxy s5 t3 concept 2

Just look at the size of that camera! It looks fantastic and probably involves the rumored ISOCELL technology. This seems like a Samsung Galaxy S5 concept with a lot of work put into it, I have to say. It’s both slim and sexy and doesn’t change a whole lot from the S4 design language. Kudos T3 and it’s nice to see the Wolf of Wall Street on that 2K display!

galaxy s5 t3 concept 3


[via T3]

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