Guess the Unannounced Sony Ericsson Phone – Quiz by se-nse

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Oh boy, oh boy, do we love quizzes! Sense-net came up with the brilliant idea of having us guess an unannounced Sony Ericsson phone. Their only and quite obvious hint is that we’re dealing with a Walkman handset. Also, I can spot a frontal camera in there, so there’s got to be 3G support on the specs list. The speaker design is quite unique and after snooping around a bit online, I found the W910 to be quite similar to this device.

So, my guess is W920. What’s yours?


Remember the new SE naming convention: names starting with 9 and 8 define high end phones, while the successors of a certain devices are shown by the second figure and finally the last figure defines the form factor (0, 1 and 2 for candybar).

[via Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog]