Sony Ericsson Aino Not Good Enough, Bold Designer Remakes It!

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You might already know that Sony Ericsson announced yesterday 3 brand new handsets belonging to the Entertainment Unlimited Series: Aino, Satio and Yari. Well, the most famous of the three seems to be Sony Ericsson Aino and the designer of some of the best SE concept phones we’ve seen has already found a design flaw of the device and corrected it.

I’m talking about our good friend J. Havrlant and his Aino design… version 2.0 let’s say:


The problem found by J. Havrlant is the fact that you must slide the keypad if you want to receive a call. The decision to place the buttons on the sliding part was probably made by Sony Ericsson, in order to make the screen bigger… sacrifices, sacrifices.

What do you say? I’d go with the designer’s choice, the remade version.

[via Esato]

  • Littlewiiguy

    It doesn’t look like any screen space is sacrificed by adding the buttons at the bottom as the image for the display seems the exact same so I would deffinetly buy the Aino V2.0 if it were to come out. The bottom of the Real Aino seems to be just wasted space and it should have at least a call and end button but they will probably be on the screen if you are calling someone or someone is calling you.

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  • Anonymous

    Since they are reviewing the design of the phone, why not consider adding an extra camera for videocalling?