Sony Ericsson Eros 2 Attaches to Places, Never Lets Go

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Ronan Caer has shown me a very interesting Sony Ericsson design of a phone called Eros 2. This device uses magnets (the three bands on the handset) to attach to metallic surfaces, like fridges for example. Also, this is a very light device, that’s also resistant and simplistic.

Sony Ericsson Eros 2 comes with Bravia mobile engine technology, HD video playback, stereo sound, FM radio, GPS and a decent camera. HDMI, 64GB of storage and a speaker phone are also present, as well as a potent battery (2000 mAh). The touch display shows an AZERTY virtual keyboard and it seems that the magnetic bands are also able to display info, such as the time, as shown in the picture.

This fashionable model is certainly pleasant for the eye of the beholder, but I really can’t decide if it’s modern or retro… What do you think?