Sony Ericsson Etio Design, Take Two

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Remember¬† Sony Ericsson Etio? This handset design was created by Esato board member Remort1, who wasn’t very pleased with the ratings he got on our site for the Etio phone. We think that this Sony Ericsson concept is pretty good, both specs-wise (touchscreen display, 8.1 megapixel camera, slim case and numeric keypad) and design-wise.

Hopefully, you’ll appreciate his work as much as we did…


[via Esato]

  • Liam Quinn

    It’s a decent photoshop of the Aino but in real life it would be really hard to use. The numeric keypad can and should be bigger as we don’t all have fingers like toothpicks and the call/end keys should be bigger and overlapping the other keys rather than the opposite way round.

  • Jack

    want to know why the ratings are low? It’s not because of the individual, it’s because there is no vision of the future, the designs are mundane and the specs are what you’d expect of today’s phones. Honestly, if your designers want respect, create the ultimate psp phone with holographic augmented reality and with a 2gb processor, the specs need to be unimaginable to make it a worthy concept. How about emphasising on dual touchscreen designs, and make something similar to what Microsoft advertised for thier 2019 campaign ads. THAT is what wows people, not tripe. Sorry to be rude, but you want the truth and can’t handle it, then don’t bother putting rubbish on.

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