Sony Ericsson Jalou T650i Cameraphone… Hah! They Fell for it…

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Excuse the ironic title, but it’s funny to see major sites like Engadget taking the Sony Ericsson Jalou T650i concept for a real device. Congrats to the folks of Esato (user LEFTHORSE, if I’m not mistaking) for making such a believable Photoshop render, based on Sony Ericsson W995.


This cameraphone will seemingly run Symbian and support WiFi, plus it packs a GPS chipset and also supports HSDPA connectivity. This is probably the second time that I can spot both the Cyber-shot and Walkman brands on a single device and I’m really wondering what the megapixel count on this phone is… 8MP? Maybe 10?

What do you think? Would you mistake Sony Ericson T650i for a real product?




[via Esato and Engadget]