Sony Ericsson K950i Bravia Phone Concept

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Muhammad-Oli from the Esato Board shows us the future of phones through this beautiful K950i Bravia. It features a pretty big touchscreen, landscape mode and that Bravia branding which pretty much describes the handset’s use. It’s a “cinema phone” if you want or a handset that will be loved by folks who like to watch high definition movies on the go.


Of course, there’s the iPhone, the PSP or the Nokia N95 8GB to choose instead, but would trade those for Sony’s famous Bravia branding? Notice the multimedia controls on the phone’s left side, as they show that this Sony Ericsson is designed for landscape viewing of movies and photos.

Keep in mind that K950i Bravia is a slider and it features a decent keypad, so you won’t be relying on that touchscreen alone.

[via Esato]