Sony Ericsson W1000, a Full Touchscreen Walkman Concept You Won’t Forget

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It must be a Sony Ericsson day today, as I’m stunned by numerous concept phones pertaining to this brand and here comes the latest Walkman design, created by hydro- from Esato: Sony Ericsson W1000. Speechless? Thought so…


Its specs are no child’s toy if you ask me: a full touchscreen display, HD OLED screen, 16GB of internal memory, a 5 megapixel camera (this kinda’ spoils it), a 3.5mm Jack and Walkman v.4. It’s times like these when I wonder why there’s so much fuss about the iPhone at all.

[via Esato]

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  • lai

    pls n4m me about the w1000 price as soon at it is release. plzplzplz.! i love 8.

  • radicle

    when izzit coming out?
    will it be in singapore?

  • tito

    there’s actually way better phones comming out now, and this seems possible

    for example, INOV8 is out, 16gb, and 8mp camera, niceeeee

  • Marcus

    This is not official design of SE
    I’ve been working in SE product designing for years.
    w1000 never truly existed

  • Marcus you should tell them to build it! But now with an 8mp Camera.
    Btw I’m the one who designed this concept. along with my X2

  • Vatsal

    gr8 news….. As we move on we can have good technology… the next gen phnnes are gonna have theese features ….multi touchs gomna b intresting the camera res also seems to b prety good but the thing thats freaked ne out is that all those features bundled in a great phone branded sony!!! i mean with the great sony experience may it b anything sony wont dirapoint you….pics music….

  • shiyam

    pls tell me the price of the phone?

  • Martins

    I proud of sonyericsson…:)

  • Littlewiiguy

    For Pete’s sake it’s not real that’s what ‘concept’ means. SE aren’t stupid enough to bring out a phone like this in the CURRENT economic climate but it could happen in the future.

  • Optochinn

    Walkman phones always fascinate me.