Sony Ericsson W9, New Walkman Android Phone Features Dual Core CPU, Bravia Touchscreen

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Remember that teaser that Victor Cao posted a while ago? Well, it has just turned into a full-fledged smartphone, a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone with very impressive specifications. This is a dual core model, with a Bravia touchscreen and all the standard audio technology for a top notch player/phone.

Sony Ericsson W9 comes with a 1.4GHz dual core processor, a 4.1 inch Bravia display, 32GB of storage and a 3.5mm audio jack. Walkman 5.0 serves as its music player and you also get Track ID, Clear Bass, Clear audio and an 8 megapixel EXMOR R camera with HD video capture. Android 2.4 is the OS of choice and you also get quick charge support, a 2000 mAh battery and HDMI.

You can connect the device to wireless headphones or speakers via Bluetooth, according to the designer Victor Cao. In the pic below you also get a look at the new and improved UI of the Walkman player, equalizer and whatnot. Hope you like it!

[Thanks Victor]

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  • Did Sony Ericsson W9 Walkman phone has front-facing camera….and went it will go into Malaysia marketing

  • Mladen

    when will come and with price?

  • Gyan

    Whoa!!! That is the phone we all are waiting ….WALKMAN RULES

  • ArabianSea

    W9 can reaffirm the status of Walkman phone in market

  • Music Fan

    What a waste if this phone do not have an expandable memory card slot for Micro SD Card. It is of no use I will definitely not buying this W9.

  • Jassi thakur

    What is the price of w9?? i love walkman series of sony. When it will availeble in india??

  • the sony ericsson one of the most succesful cellphone brand in the world…the sony ericsson w9 the latest walkman phone and brilliant phone in the century…LIKE NO oTHER…

  • sanne

    this is really an amazing phone …walkman is great .. : ) when will this be out in the market ?

  • nssll

    been waiting for SE to release this model!!!! SE!!! dont make us wait longer!!

  • varun

    i like
    waiting for launching

  • Darshil

    its awesome…..!!!!!!!!!!
    i like it…!!!!!!!!!

  • varun


  • avinash and vedang pawar

    eigger to see in the market w9 nice phone

  • Anonymous

    Its an amazing walkman smartphone..



  • bhargav

    it looks good but when does it releasesn what may b the price around ?

  • sunil kumar

    I am from India and i just wanted to know when this phone will be come in india specialy in New Delhi and is there in this phone front camera also or not. becouse I like this phone very much.

  • Subhash kumar

    I wanted to by this phone and I like this walkman series w9 phone very much.

  • sivakrishna

    what a phone all sony ericsson lovers.thank you so much sony….

  • M ehul Patel

    please mention price of this model as soon as possible

  • M ehul Patel

    wen it will be available i n india?

  • joel chongtham

    i wanna this phone (w9)

  • vineethkumar

    All sony ericsson lovers verygood news W9
    ILOVE this. thanks sonyericssom

  • manoj Bafila

    I love the sony walkman series, & no one can beat the music of this series……………

  • M ehul Patel

    pls mention that wen it l b available for indian person with price detail…
    m desperate to bye this model..

  • manikandan

    Hai I am from india state tamilnadu,chennai I am the biggest fan for sony mobiles.i have used almost 6 models of sony mobiles now I am using xperia ray.i want to buy that w9 model when will it releasing in india especially in chennai please tell date and rate of the w9.i am going to buy a new phone on this festival.

  • vishal karnikar

    what is the price of sony ericssion W9 & when will be launch in India

  • Anonymous

    price is 37k

  • rizky putri

    When will it come to Indonesia……..
    I ll be waiting for you…..
    Love sony ericsson so much….

  • coolbud

    Is this phone going to come out or jst a concept.I dont see any info abt this phone on any website.i m waiting from 2011 for the phn. No info yet on release date anywhere till now.

  • iktiyar bagus yanto

    i want it
    when this smartphone came and louncing in indonesia ?
    how much price ?

  • paul

    I love this model of sony ericsson but please include a card slot on it you know…

    Just for an urgent file transfer

    and ow! Include fm radio plizz!

    Othrwise its hott!!!

  • Thabiso B. Pholo

    Bring it on Babe!!!

    Include an fm radio on it…

    And a card slot

  • JitendraNikam

    I Love this phone it is really powerfull phone.
    I want to buy this phone as soon as possible.

  • roshan Gupta

    all Sony mobile phones is a best
    thanx Sony

  • javed khan

    im wait long time this phone s when coming in india and what this price

  • Akash bharti

    This mobile phone is beautiful

  • Ismail hossen

    Hello every one .. I want to W9 mobile any one help me … Where i get it?

  • sandesh

    plz come it soon. i am waiting

  • mohan kumar

    I want walkman 3d surround sound mobile……
    w9 walkman mobile quickly launch pls….

  • kiranchavan

    When are coming . What’s it’s price