Sony Ericsson W990 is A Poor, Poor Design

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Since we’re focusing on concept phones, there’s the occasional bad concept design we run into, made in a hurry, using Photoshop and elements from previously launched phones. We’re dealing with the perfect example of such a poor attempt, in the next image, seemingly showing a W990:


The bottom of this phone is actually the top of a Sony Ericsson W950i, as stated by an Esato board member, while the touchscreen + Windows Mobile is surely a combination not fit for the classic SE phone. Better luck next time, to the author of this design!

[via Esato]

  • Sony Ericsson Games

    Its more look like as iphone design i don’t agree with you there is no strong reason for that you are saying Sony Ericsson is produce this design is really poor…….i think its look dream mobile phone…..

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  • Erik

    Wrong picture, the phone on the picture is not a SE W990. However i can assure you that the phone is vey nice in daily use. Only problem with it is the poor quality of the cabinet and the cheap screen that gets schratched easily.