A New Sony Ericsson Walkman Model Coming… Total Mystery!

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A while after the first new Sony Ericsson Walkman phone concepts appeared on our website, SE decided to make a real release of such a handset. Thus, they launched something that was similar to the Xperia X8, only with audio features and called it the W8. Well, now designer Victor Cao has a new product from the same series.

He teased us with the poster you can see above, announcing a new “W” model, meaning that a new Walkman is on the way. It’s most likely Android material and the screen looks big enough, maybe even 4 inches in diagonal. We’ll just have to wait and see what this is all about in the following days…

  • felix

    I’d like to see Sony Ericsson releasing Walkman models as pretty as this one…

  • SE Fan

    Keep it up SE this W9 looks fantastic V Good design but must match with a good quality audio sound if not then everything is wasted meaning half past six haha

  • Arabiann

    Nice concept

  • Is Sony Ericsson w9 have bravia Engine ?

  • suzette

    is it release in the philppines and how much? sony ericson w9

  • Ajay Wadhwani

    its gud to see…new walkman…