Sony Ericsson Wilhelmina is a Quad Core Clamshell PlayStation Phone

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As mind boggling as it seems, there’s a quad core PlayStation phone with clamshell design out there, but worry not, as it’s a mere concept. Created by Esato board member Razec, this stunning device is pictured below and honestly the PS Vita ain’t got zilch on this unit.

Sporting a dual borderless touchscreen, the console phone can adopt a superwidescreen view, when the clamshell is open. The screen is panoramic and the lack of border between displays is a very welcome addition to the specs. The controls are virtual, or so they seem and we can notice the Xperia branding on this beauty.

We already know that in the Japan clamshells are still popular, so this model would probably be a hit, if not for the quad core processor, then for the PlayStation gaming experience it provides in widescreen mode. Would you choose this over PS Vita?

[via Esato]