Sony Ericsson X610 Specs and “Live” Shot Now Available

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Parsnip’s last concept was a promising start and now the designer is back with more details on his idea. Turns out that the concept phone we saw a couple of days ago is Sony Ericsson X610, a Windows Mobile 7 device, packing a 14 megapixel camera that uses a Leica lens.


X610 features aGPS, Bluetooth 3.0, WiMAX support, a 24 million color VGA screen, a Sky DVB+ antenna and a mobile projector. This handset’s specs are quite futuristic and maybe it’ll hit CES 2011, but in the meantime we must mention that it also comes with a laser pointer and a fuel cell battery.

If the image above wasn’t enough for you, Parsnip Photoshopped a “live” pic of Sony Ericsson X610, that you can check out below. Since this is an “X” phone with Windows Mobile on board, it must be related to the XPERIA series. What do you think?


[via Esato]