Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Android, Sealover Updates His Concept

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Well, I got two things right the first time I checked out Sealover94’s concept phone: the Sony Ericsson device really is a smartphone and does feature the Android OS. And what does “smartphone” in the same sentence with Sony Ericsson tell you? That’s right, XPERIA all the way!


We’ve seen Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 concept phones before, but each handset was better looking than the last one, which is also the case of Sealover’s design. There’s even a neat logo close to the bottom of the device, an original idea that combines the Android logo with SE’s classical emblem.

Other than that, the XPERIA X2 is what everyone would expect: a smartphone that packs a pretty big touchscreen, the classic Android interface, touch-sensitive (or virtual) “Back”, “Home” and “Menu” keys, plus two calls keys at the bottom and a navigational mechanism. What more can I say? Me likey!!


[via Esato]

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  • aran


    Your concept design of the X2 is amazing.
    If SE release such a phone with a 5-Row Keyboard i would buy it.

    Compliments once again fot the agreat work.

  • searbe

    But hold on – this is just a concept, right? It’s not a fact that the Sony X2 will run Android?

  • Georg

    I think that my X1 looks much better!

  • allen mugwenhe

    l am looking for handset sony ericsson x 1 or 5. l am deaf and dump from harare in zimbabwe

  • X2

  • MejanurRahaman

    sony ericsson xperia x2 update failed and not work my phone and no connect pc
    Please halp

  • nidjat

    very well i loved this model. althought i am interest in all sony ericsson models

  • Baraka

    How can i get this phone