Sony Xperia Z Gaming Comes With 4K Display, 4 GB of RAM, 21 Ultrapixel Camera

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Sent to us by Fubito Stronyers (hope I got it right), the Sony Xperia Z Gaming is a gaming phone with specs that would even make a gamer’s laptop proud. It has a 4K display and a sandwich style design, that puts the phone part on top of the gaming pad.

xperia z4 gaming 2

The handset has a 5.2 inch 4K display, with Sony Mobile Bravia 3 technology, Triluminous and Sony White Magic. The Xperia Gaming phone comes with 128 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, a 4.1 GHz Snapdragon 16 core CPU and the Adreno 500 GPU. It’s running on a 64 bit KitKat flavour apparently and at the back we find a 21 Ultrapixel camera with 24 x zoom and 12800 ISO.

xperia z4 gaming 1

The sliding gamepad area gets lighting, two internal motors for strong vibration and the usual collection of action keys from the PlayStation series. Xperia Gaming’s battery here is kind of crazy, at 8000 mAh and its technology apparently involves nano wire anodes instead of silicon in order to prolong battery life.

USB 3.0, a pair of kickass speakers and what seems to be a 3D front camera complete the specs list. I personally love the lighting system on this model!

xperia z4 gaming 3

xperia z4 gaming 4

xperia z4 gaming 5

xperia z4 gaming 6

[Thanks Fubito]

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