Sony Xperia Play HD Uses Tegra 3 CPU, 720p Screen

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Remember the Xperia Play 2 concept by Jsus? There’s now an alternative to that idea, created by Bob Freking this time: the Sony Xperia Play HD. This design keeps pretty much the same sliding part of the original Xperia Play, but totally revamps the specifications to a modern level.

The front side of the device somehow reminds me of the HTC One devices and those 3 capacitive dotted buttons at the bottom are very much like the dots on the Xperia S. Anyway, the Sony Xperia Play HD comes with a 4.3 inch 1270 x 720 Reality Display, 32GB of storage, SD card slot, 1.5GHz quad core Tegra 3 processor and an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p HD video. There’s also 1GB of RAM on board and the ability to play PSP games, via download I presume. Bob Freking wanted to make a PSP Phone powerful enough to play Final Fantasy games and I totally understand his idea.

Being a Final Fantasy fan myself, I can really see how some people would like to play any title of their series on their smartphones and it’s sad that they can’t do that right now, at least if they have Android. iOS users have that nifty Final Fantasy III available… Imagine if Final Fantasy VII would get a new title compatible with Android Tegra 3 phones like a PSP Phone 2… that would kill all competition, right?

[Thanks Bob Freking]

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  • Hal Motley

    It’s really good albeit a few things are missing or I just don’t like:

    No front facing camera – I would really like to see a front facing camera which I could then use for Skype or for taking self mugshots.

    Lack of labelling on the controls – While it’s nice to see you have place the PlayStation logo on the controls, there is no other labelling which tells the user where which buttons are start, select and it should also have Xperia written along the bottom.

    Having said that it’s a really good design, I like the way you have implemented the current ‘new’ Xperia look and have given it really good techical specifications. I have been crying out for Tegra 3, at least 1GB of RAM (2 would have been really awesome), decent internal storage (32GB is amazing, I would have accepted 16GB as a minimum) as well as SDHC support (though I would also thing about SDXC support too as 64GB microSDs have entered circulation).

    I also love how it plays PSP games, I managed to calculate that concept on this XDA post and I have to say it’s an awesome and not entirely infeasible concept.

    To summarise, thanks Bob for the concept it certainly is the most realistic, it just needs a pinch of salt.

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  • gorillapit

    should slide out opposite direction, other than that it looks like i would buy this day one no matter the cost, also needs front camera

  • Umar qarni

    it brilliant all like it!!!!

  • ANIK

    Whoa! Is sony xperia play hd real? I mean is it rally going to be launched? If yes…then when??????????? i’m really waitin’ for it!

  • mahdi

    is it even real. did they even produce it?

  • sharesh

    cool man just brilliant man ma swich to sony if this releases..but the question is when is it gonna release…:/ i heard a rumour it is not comming…hope it is not true i wil defnatly buy this phone

  • Tiago Frutuoso

    for this to happen, Sony would have to build an Android-based PSP emulator, like the one present in the current Xperia Play. They exist, for X86 architectures. And i really don’t see Sony Computer Entertainment wanting to port games for a non-obsolete platform… But miracles happen!